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Club Metal Badge

N$ 150.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Embroyded Club Badge

N$ 75.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Digital Printed Club Badge

N$ 60.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Club Badge Stickers
avalable in white & Clear background

N$ 10.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Embroyded BMW Motorrad badge

N$ 100.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Official BMW Motorrad
Club Namibia Shirt

N$ 350.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

BMW Motorrad Club
Namibia Long Sleeve Shirt

N$ 200.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

BMW Motorrad Club
Namibia MX Shirt

N$ 450.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Golf / Polo shirts

N$ 250.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Club Caps

N$ 100.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

Club Buffs

N$ 50.00 (excl. shipping/postage)

For more information about the club Paraphernalia please contact
Henning Tiemann @ +264 (0)81 127 7577 or you can place your orders with him at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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