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Following a very successful meeting with the exco members of the Old Wheelers Club of Namibia, we are very happy and proud to announce, that our Club will be sharing the OWC new clubhouse facilities in Windhoek Olympia.

The BMW Motorrad Club of Namibia had no ‘official’ and suitable meeting place for their members to date and can, as from the 1st January 2014, call the OWC ‘their home’.

The OWC is planning to complete their new facilities by mid December. They have offered us a own “Stammtisch” corner in their new Clubhouse, which will be decorated appropriately. We will have access to the rest of the facilities, i.e. their meeting room, their multi-function hall and their outside braai and generous outdoor yard. The layout of the facilities is very family and child friendly. Safe parking is provided. There is a fully fledged bar and anticipated kitchen facilities.

The exact opening times of the Club will be advised once the OWC is re-located into their new facility. A regular day of the week ( and time ) will be announced, when our Club members can normally expect to meet each other in the OWC clubhouse.

All BMW Club members and their likeminded friends and guests are invited to make use of the facility. The BMW Club undertakes to utilize the new Clubhouse facilities as their vocal point for their outrides, trips, training events and general meetings.

We herewith thank the OWC members wholeheartedly for facilitating us within their newly constructed Clubhouse. We also thank Danric Auto ( & Motorrad ) / Richard Wahl, who spontaneously offered to sponsor a monthly fixed amount on our behalf to the OWC for their generous inclusion of our Club in their midst.

Please view this site for further images of the Club facilities in due course.

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